Top 10 healing stones

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Top 10 healing stones
by justjenn
February 20th, 2018
5min read

Ever feel down and out and need a little pick-me-up? Here are some of my favorite top 10 stones and crystals which have natural healing abilities to help brighten your day.
Rose quartz is great for the heart Chakra, and it brings love and abundance

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Clear quartz is great for meditation and protection against diseases. It is most commonly known to amplify positive energy. It’s a great protection stone against negativity

Smoky Quartz is perfect for grounding, psychic protection and protection against negative energy. It’s great for healing emotional wounds

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Black Tourmaline helps enhance overall well-being. It offers protection against negativity as well as cleansing properties purify the aura
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Hematite is perfect for grounding, balance and protection against negative energy. It’s especially great for the root Chakra. It also has calming properties and helps promote courage and strength.
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Amethyst brings out calmness and balance. It’s perfect for bringing peace of mind

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Obsidian provides prosperity, protection, and balance. It also helps with clarity and calmness


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Citrine attracts abundance, prosperity, joy happiness, creativity and success

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Jade has a calming energy, brings luck and good fortune, and it has been said to relieve pain in the body


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Agate is a great Stone to help with mental clarity, increase energy and reduce fatigue


So the next time you’re not feeling quite yourself, pick one of these stones up! You will notice an instant change of mood and it will help put a little pep back in your step.