New Years Starter Pack 2019

New Years Starters Pack! As we begin 2019 I tend to use the cycle of the new year as a marker to reset my intentions, goals, and dreams into motion. I tend to cleanse out the old year and cleanse in the new! It’s honoring what has been and how I have grown along with welcoming in all that is for my best and highest! I also use the marker as a time to re-grid my space using the combination of selenite and black tourmaline which creates and ying and yang balance of white light/cleanse feeling with the grounded feeling of protection. I am adding chakra incense to focus on balance between my professional (focusing my time) and personal (checking off things on my bucket list). In this picture you see sage and Palo Santo either are OK and as a preferred method to cleanse the choice is up to you! Happy New Years 2019


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