Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds

I am in love with this Crystal clear Herkimer diamond, The Herkimer diamond is a double pointed Quartz Crystal that has already been faceted by nature.

  • very strong power
  • used in out of the body travel
  • assists in communicating with other planes and kingdoms
  • Herkimer Diamonds help connect the astral plane with the earth plane.

Healing properties of Herkimer Diamond
The Herkimer Diamond is a double terminated crystal (there is a point at each end of the crystal). It is water clear and different from Quartz. It is a very powerful balancer of the body and emotions and should be used carefully. Double terminated equals super power.

Sources of Herkimer Diamond
The Herkimer comes from only one place – Herkimer, New York, in the United States. The bedrock in which the crystals are found began forming approximately half a billion years ago in a shallow Cambrian Sea that lapped against the southern shores of the ancestral Adirondack Mountains (near the town of Herkimer, New York). (Source: Crystal Cure)

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  1. Daniela de mari Reply

    Hello beloved. Do you have Herkiner diamonds in your store?

    1. crystalvisionltc Reply

      Hello yes we have a variety of sizes and clarity

  2. Natasha Reply

    I was wondering if this Stone can be purchased and where can I purchase one?


    1. crystalvisionltc Reply

      Hello these are available in our store if you are not local we ship worldwide

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