Reiki Enrichment – Reiki Masters and Teachers Only

Loving Touch Center International School of Traditional Usui Reiki is proud to offer our Reiki Continued Education and Enrichment Classes taught by our Head Reiki Master Teacher Lee Ann Somers. This class is open to Reiki Masters and Teachers of Reiki for our Loving Touch Center Students.


Hey Reiki Peeps!
This month’s Reiki Enrichment Program is dedicated to our amazing Reiki Masters and Reiki Master Teachers!! (Sorry Reiki 1s, 2s, and APs, but loads of Love and Light to you and I’ll see you next month!)
For many months I’ve wanted to create an evening just for you amazing Lightworkers who so courageously and unselfishly do all that you do to shine your Light brightly in this world! Despite your worldly stresses, the challenges of humanity, and your personal agendas, you still manage to make time to serve, to hold space, to care, to help, and to channel Reiki. What can I say? You’re amazing!!! We love and appreciate you so much!!! We’re honored to share this planet with you, and we wanted to make a Reiki Meet and Greet just for you. In honor of you, tonight’s them is “GREAT BIG LIGHT”!
Monthly Lesson: Let’s begin tonight with a Master Symbols refresher on the Dai Ko Myo, the Sei Kim Tao, and the Cho Ku Ret and introduce some out of the box ways that you can incorporate these into your daily routine.
Monthly Technique: I want to show you a MASTER SET COMBO and a way to use it for an energy boost to turn on your BIG BRIGHT LIGHT like you wouldn’t believe!
Monthly Concentration: This month’s Reiki Master meditation will call in the Grand Masters of Reiki and the high council members of our Reiki team in Spirit to really show you their BIG BRIGHT LIGHTs! We’ll join forces with them and spread our Reiki energy anywhere you wish. Let the healing begin!


Sep 23 2020


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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