Journey into the Higher Chakras

Ho’oponopono Series – Journey into the higher chakras

As Humans, we hold on to pain, grudges and past hurts. Some of these emotions we have inflicted upon ourselves as well as having acquired them from past lives and ancestral. We are honored to share with you the Ho’oponpono, a Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual, guided by Lorraine Morgan on how to forgive yourself first and then learn how to forgive others.

In Journey into the Lower Chakras, we grounded, cleared space, made sacred space , forgave ourselves and started the journey to clear and blockages on a soul level through our lower chakras. Now in this second part of the Ho’oponopono Series, we will Journey into the Higher Chakra areas and continue clearing through our stream of energetic light into the abyss. There we will be free to learn how to play with the universe in a safe setting and begin to co-create with Source.

** During this workshop we will be creating a visual embodiment board… similar to a vision board, but the outcome and intention is for the energy / feeling / frequency that you want to embody for yourself.

A Few examples:
A healthy body
Feeling light and free
Comfort and security
Confidence & Standing in your power

What images do you relate to these feelings? Or what imagery evokes these feelings within you?

What you will need:

Pen / marker
poster board / large paper to attach/glue images to
Glue / Glue-stick
Imagery (Please have your various clippings to create your custom embodiment board – they can be from a magazine, photo, printout, etc.)


Jul 18 2020


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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