Energy of the BLUE Moon

Energy of the BLUE Moon

by Jenn Wylde

January 30th,2018

3min Read

My best friend is a therapist, and found herself frustrated because she couldn’t take me out for my Birthday this week. She couldn’t figure out why she had so many emergency appointments all of a sudden. I explained to her that it’s a miraculous time to be on earth. Tomorrow eve we have the very rare occurrence of a Super Blue blood moon! Yeah I know say that ten times. This is the first time in 150 years such a thing has happened.

What does that mean, think of it as the tide of the ocean emotions and energy rise and recede its all about finding the balance between the high and the low vibrations! When we say blue Moon it does not mean the moon is actually blue. It means it is the second full moon of the month hence the saying, “once in a blue moon”. We also are experiencing a super moon meaning the moon is exceptionally close to the earth coupled with a luner eclipse in Leo. Can you say Rare!!! So what does all this madness mean to us and our feelings? We all might feel extra emotional and sensitive with the lunar eclipse and moon in Leo, but all those feelings can be utilized as fuel. Toss what does not make you happy and move forward on the things that accentuate your talents. I’ll be with journal in hand tomorrow tonight for sure jotting down my goals, what’s holding me back and and how to navigate through it. I may get emotional, so I am stocked up with plenty of comfort food and tissues.

My recommendation due to all of this beautiful polarity of energy would be not to make any major decisions this week, be easier on yourself, and to regroup and refocus not allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed. If you feel a little extra love and emotion, embrace it! After all. “Love is all you need” we will be posting pictures of some fun moon party’s. Happy full moon fever!!!

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