The 7 Natural Laws of the HIGHER-SELF -

with John White

Wednesday March 18th

Awaken the spiritual gifts of your higher self and empower your life. All the gifts of the spirit are contained in and subject to natural laws. Learn the seven major Universal Laws of mind, mediumship, psychic abilities, and healing also known as the seven Hermetic Princples.There are 3 laws known as Immutable and 4 laws known as Transitory. The alchemist knows how to set up the mental environment so the phenomenon of mediumship, psychic abilities, and healing can happen. Within your universal mind you can travel, correspond, and create the frequencies of mediumship, psychic ability, healing, prosperity, and healthy relationships.

Rev. John White has been coming to our center for over 20 years, John has been a teacher of the Spiritual Sciences for over thirty-five years. He travels throughout America and Canada teaching on topics such as Channeling the Higher Mind – Guides, Angels, & Masters,Medical Intuitive, Past Life Regressions, Lucid & Spiritual Dreaming as well as various other subjects. You may have seen him on the The Discovery Channel, The Vision Channel, or even as a host of Journey of Light, a television show that previously aired in Canada.

Known for the ability to unite Eastern insight and Western mysticism, John reveals secrets of the ancient’s disciplines. He has a unique ability to help others discover their own natural intuitive gifts.

John resides in Lily Dale, New York, the largest Spiritualist community in the world. He is a practicing medium, teacher, lecturer, and intuitive counselor. He is the co-founder and current Vice President of the Spiritual Science Fellowship in Montréal, Canada.